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Old West

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2282-9210 | Address: 100 Meters East from Red Cross

I really enjoy the Old West. I must admit, I usually just go here to drink, but I have tried a few bocas. The ceviche is AWESOME. The prices are good and the staff is friendly. Sometime soon I'll have to go and try their steaks and other menu items. When I do, I'll come back and revise this review.

Categories: Steak Houses , Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Bar

Call: 2445-1551 | Address: 100 meters past the speed bump, in Los Angles Sur

This place started originally under the Camacho Araya family and still, aiming to have a place where families and neighbors from around were able to celebrate birthdays and all kind of events or simply get out of San Ramon down town to chill. It´s not fuggy or cloudy all the time but when you are treated well, the rest is great and so it happens here with the service and the great meals. Veggie-Meat Lovers-Costarican & Kids friendly menu plus the Snack´s chart.

Categories: Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Costa Rican, Bar

La Casona de Laly

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2288-5807 | Address: 200 meters north of the northeast corner of the Church of Escazu

La Casona de Laly is one of my favorite restaurants in Escazu. You can always expect great food and at great prices. The menu has a bit of something for everyone. Their casados are great, and they have the best arroz con pollo. Most of the dishes are less than $5. Service is sometimes a bit slow but you will over look that when you get your food.

Categories: Restaurants, Costa Rican

Los Antojitos

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2289-9700 | Address: Old road to Santa Ana in front of Plaza Colonial

I was roaming around Escazu looking for a place to get some food on Christmas day. I've passed by Los Antojitos many times but had not tried them before. They were open today, so I decided to stop. Los Antojitos is a "Mexican" restaurant with a large menu of items you would expect to see and some you would not. I settled on the Super Taco which was actually more like a Chimichanga. It was good and was served with refried black beans and french fires. The beans weren't very good at all. The service did not come with a

Categories: Restaurants, Mexican


1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2289-4616 | Address: In Plaza Florencia, 200 mts north of Del Centro Comercial Paco

Bagelmen's is a chain bagel shop here in Costa Rica (maybe world wide). I went for a bagel and coffee this morning and had a mixed impression. I ordered a "everything" bagel with cream cheese and sliced tomatoes. I'm still working on my Spanish, and they their English. One of the managers spoke English and instructed the cashier of what I was ordering. The total was c3,100 ($5.30 us), which I thought was very expensive. When I received my order, it ended up being sun dried tomato cream cheese and no sliced tomatoes. So, my order was lost in translation,

Categories: Restaurants, Food & Drink, Cafes & Coffee Shops, Breakfast & Brunch, Bagels

Call: 2288-4604 | Address: From Vivero Exotica, 100N 225W, across the street from Aparthotel Maria Alexandra

Today was my first visit to the Oasis Cafe. It's tucked away just off the main road in Escazu. There menu has a little bit of something for everyone, mainly vegetarian items with some chicken. I ordered the Veggie burger which came with a choice of soup or salad. I choose the salad, which was excellent, with pineapple, purple cabbage, cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and an awesome vinaigrette. The salad could have easily been enough for lunch. The Veggie burger was also amazing, served on a toasted baguette. All for only $3,000. Definitely give this place a try. I

Categories: Vegetarian , Restaurants, Organic , Food & Drink, Cafes & Coffee Shops

Address: 1 block south from the main entrance of the central Escazu church

The Bueno Tierra Cafe is a nice treat in the heart of Escazu. Fresh, mostly organic and vegetarian food. I recently went for breakfast and the fruit salad with honey and yogurt. Yum, it was delicious. Additionally, I asked for glass of water and she brought me water with mint and ginger in it, which was excellent. They also have coffee and teas. Hopefully I'll have a chance to go back here this weekend.

Categories: Vegetarian , Restaurants, Organic , Food & Drink, Cafes & Coffee Shops

Cafe Milagro

2 Reviews |star1star2star3star4star5

Address: Manuel Antonio None

Cafe Milagro in Manuel Antonio was one of my favorite places to have breakfast. They have some of the best coffee I've ever had. The also have fresh fruit smoothies, full breakfast menu and a lunch menu. Cafe Milagro is a must visit on your trip to Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

Categories: Restaurants, Costa Rican

El Avion

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 506-2777-3378 | Address: Manuel Antonio None

This is an amazing place to sightsee - both the view and the clientele. The amazing part of El Avion (aka "The Plane")is its full-sized salvaged airplane with a bar inside. And, an outdoor dining area with a spectacular view of the ocean. Prices are fairly reasonable for the quality of the meals. On my first visit there, I indulged myself in some of their seafood which was, of course, fresh and tasty. Service was polite and prompt. It's a great place to go both for lunch and dinner. Drinks ain't too bad, either!

Categories: Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightlife

Ceviche del Rey

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2282-8019 | Address: 800 mts east of the Red Cross,

Today was my first visit to Ceviche del Rey and I can tell you, I will be going back. I had the Ceviche Corvina (Sea Bass Ceviche w Onions) for starters and then had the Fried Sea bass with Garlic sauce. Yum. The Ceviche kinda put me off at first, because of the bigger chunks of fish, but once I started, there was no stopping. Keep in mind, the Ceviche portion was huge, definitely made for two. The fried Sea Bass was excellent and the garlic sauce made me want to lick the plate. The price was fare for the

Categories: Restaurants, Peruvian

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