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Time Out Tavern

2 Reviews |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 506-2289-3217 | Address: 300 meters south of the Costa Rica Country Club

It’d been years since I had had fried mozzarella, and when I ordered some at the Time Out Tavern, I couldn’t resist. Washed it down with some happy hour suds, then tackled one of their Philly Cheese Steaks. OMG. My one-and-only loved the atmosphere and her food, too. I’d suggest that you take time out for the Time Out Tavern. Good stuff!

Categories: Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Bar

Snoopy Bar

2 Reviews |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2289-4518 | Address: Escazu center on par with the Red Cross

I use to live just around the corner from Bar Snoopy. So, needless to say, I use to visit them frequently. Unlike the previous reviewer, I've never had any problems with the bar staff trying to over charge me. But, I have had good times with cheap drinks, eats and great conversations. I'll be back in the hood on Thursday and plan on paying a visit to ole Snoop.

Categories: Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Bar

Old West

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2282-9210 | Address: 100 Meters East from Red Cross

I really enjoy the Old West. I must admit, I usually just go here to drink, but I have tried a few bocas. The ceviche is AWESOME. The prices are good and the staff is friendly. Sometime soon I'll have to go and try their steaks and other menu items. When I do, I'll come back and revise this review.

Categories: Steak Houses , Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Bar

Call: 2445-1551 | Address: 100 meters past the speed bump, in Los Angles Sur

This place started originally under the Camacho Araya family and still, aiming to have a place where families and neighbors from around were able to celebrate birthdays and all kind of events or simply get out of San Ramon down town to chill. It´s not fuggy or cloudy all the time but when you are treated well, the rest is great and so it happens here with the service and the great meals. Veggie-Meat Lovers-Costarican & Kids friendly menu plus the Snack´s chart.

Categories: Restaurants, Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Costa Rican, Bar

Call: 2282-9613 | Address: 50 meters east of the Pump or 200 mts West of Plaza Intiguagas

I went here a few years ago when it was The Rock n Roll Pollo bar and grill. Now, it's under new owner ship and with a newish name "Rock & Roll" bar. The day that I went, they were still under construction and didn't have all their license's in place. So, they only had Costa Rica beer and a limited selection of liquor, no food. The new owner was a nice enough guy that went out of way to make me feel welcome. I'm looking forward top them re-opening with food, assuming there menu will be similar to the

Categories: Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Bar

The Pub

2 Reviews |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2288-3062 | Address: 25 meters west of Toyco, Escazu Centro 524-1000

There’s a fun local spot called The Pub that’s a relatively small place, but big on hospitality and good get-you-by food that’s a hit with local Gringos and Ticos, alike. It’s owned by Gary and his wife, Nadeene, who have not only continued the tradition of this local pub, but enhanced it with a varied selection of menu munchies that tempt the palate. Especially, their Fish & Chips - a featured menu item every Thursday. Rating: 4

Categories: Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Pubs, Bar

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