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Mas X Menos

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Address: 100 Meters West from Scotia Bank

This a great grocery store. Much less expensive than the Auto Mercado. Expect to find everything you need. They have a great produce section, and meat counter. Mas X Menos is chain store that you can find all over Costa Rica.

Categories: Groceries, Food & Drink

Hiper Mas

2 Reviews |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: (506) 2288 4270 | Address: Escazu, Waterfront Trejos Montealegre Shopping Center

We drive to Escazu almost every weekend, just to go to Hiper Mas. They have pretty much everything we need to stock our pantry and more. The other commenter mentioned that there are "huge crowds", but I've found that it depends on what day and time you go. We can usually, get in and out really quickly. If only the had another location a little closer to us.

Categories: Shopping, Groceries, Food & Drink, Electronics, Department Stores

Fresh Market

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Address: Centro Commercial Paco shopping mall, next to Il Panino restaurant

I stopped by the Fresh market the other day to pick up a couple of things. This is a great little gourmet grocery store that doesn't have everything you need, but it does have the essentials. Fresh Market has a great bakery and deli counter and a decent selection of prepared foods. Prices are what you would expect of a gourmet grocery, kinda high.

Categories: Specialty Food, Groceries, Food & Drink

Auto Mercado

1 Review |star1star2star3star4star5

Call: 2588-1742 | Address: In the Atlantis Plaza shopping center, upp the hill from Scotia Bank

Seem like I always end up at the Auto Mercado for my groceries. I try to hit up some of the lesser priced stores but it's always like herding cattle. They're to busy. The Auto Mercado has a great selection, with wide aisles and enough check out lanes to speed me through. The downside is that they're a bit more expensive than the other grocery stores. They also have one of the better wine selections, if you're into that sort of thing.

Categories: Groceries, Food & Drink

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