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Time Out Tavern

2 Reviews
Escazu,San Jose,Costa Rica
300 meters south of the Costa Rica Country Club
Pubs, Bars & Nightlife, Bar
Heading South up the hill from the Country Club, Time Out Tavern will be on the left about 300 meters. There isn't a sign that says Time out Tavern, but they do have a hand written sign that says "This is the Place".
Business Hours
Weekdays 11.00 to 02.00
Weekends 11.00 to 02.00
Language Spoken by Staff
English, Spanish
Other Details
Close to Public TransportationYes
Internet access (Wi-Fi)Yes
Happy hourYes


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2 Reviews, First Reviewed by chris

ReviewerReviewed On 08-08-2010 by gardnerguy2

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It’d been years since I had had fried mozzarella, and when I ordered some at the Time Out Tavern, I couldn’t resist. Washed it down with some happy hour suds, then tackled one of their Philly Cheese Steaks. OMG. My one-and-only loved the atmosphere and her food, too. I’d suggest that you take time out for the Time Out Tavern. Good stuff!

ReviewerReviewed On 11-12-2009 by chris

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Time Out Tavern is a hidden gem. Well, actually, it's not really hidden. They are a traditional Sports bar with enough TV's to satisfy all of your sports watching needs. They have a food menu and daily specials. They even have a vegetarian selection. I had the Martina Navratilova, which is veggie sandwich on a baguette. It was good, and around $4.00. The bar staff was great and can accommodate you in English. I'll be returning to Time Out Tavern soon.

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