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Yourville is just that: Your … ville. We're a community of people who want to get more out of their city and country. We want to explore our local area, share our ideas and thoughts and talk to other people who are passionate about the places they live, work and play.

Just like any other community, Yourville is made up of many different types of people with varied views and experiences. We’re eager to hear your stories, experiences and opinions. And it is those views and opinions that add an unprecedented richness to the site. However, at the same time, we all want Yourville to be a fun, safe and pleasant place to visit and share experiences. That being said, take a few moments to review this guide to making each visit to Yourville a continuing pleasure. Please read the following carefully and remember that your use of Yourville is subject to these Guidelines as well as our Terms of Service.

Honesty is the Best Policy:

Your honest feedback is really important. But, at the same time, be fair, candid, but polite as you speak your personal mind - and not rehash the views of others. And remember, not everyone will share your same opinions or views. So be tolerant and understand that differences in opinions fill the world with diversity. And that’s a good thing. It’s YOUR opinions and views that add substance to the site, while recognize and obey the pertinent laws and regulations involving trademarks and copyrights.

Please Mind Your Manners

Offensive and abusive content won't be tolerated and the same goes for falsely attacking or defaming any of the businesses or people featured on Yourville. Give us your opinion by all means but make it an accurate and measured opinion - otherwise we'll have to use our magic delete button!

And If You Don’t Mind Your Manners:

We’ve asked you to be candid, honest and polite. But, If we receive a complaint about something you’ve posted, that might be interpreted as offensive, illegal, or abusive, or a violation of our Terms of Service, we will take appropriate action to possibly suspend or terminate your account.

One more Time:

Be as honest, courteous and respectful to our members as you would be to your best friends. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents to read. And, if you’re a parent, that goes likewise.

Oh, and if you own a business, feel free to review it yourself, identifying yourself as the owner or staff member. But, bear in mind, that just as you would be writing a review for any other business, make sure it’s fair, honest and without hype. Yourville is a place for balanced and accurate appraisals so even the smallest exaggeration will not be tolerated.

Always Remember:

  • Everything you upload can be seen by anyone who looks for it. So be mindful of your own privacy and be respectful of other people's sensibilities.
  • Always remember that every posting, single review, comment, and photo you add to Yourville remains public and will remain online indefinitely.
  • Contact our Yourville coordinator if you have any questions or suggestions.
  • Do not hesitate to report abuse, offensive language, or obscenities. It will be quickly moderated by and/or mediated by a Yourville membership coordinator.

Have fun! And make Yourville your personal community where you’ll continually find online reviews and opinions of great businesses in and around your area, right at your fingertips.

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