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Hundreds of video cameras to monitor Costa Rican streets

February 25, 2010

The Public Security Ministry is beginning the nationwide installation of 342 surveillance cameras as a means of curtailing the crime

Laura Chinchilla Wins – Costa Rica’s First Woman President

February 11, 2010

As millions were watching the New Orleans Saints betting the Indianapolis Colts, during Sunday’s Superbowl, Costa Rica presidential candidate, Laura

Costa Rica Spanish-Political Talk and Related Words

February 03, 2010

Costa Ricans approach the presidential elections with such enthusiasm that they celebrate Election Day as if it were a big

Latin America Trade: Panama Best, Venezuela Worst

January 20, 2010

Only Panama boosts exports, while Central America fares better than expected. Venezuela and Ecuador lose most in exports. As Latin

Costa Rican President's Approval Rating Lowest on Record

January 20, 2010

Costa Ricans’ confidence in the administration of President Óscar Arias has reached its lowest level in four years according to

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Fiesta de San Jose Decemeber 25 - January 03

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